Frequently Asked Questions.

About Team Stores

What is a "Team store"?

A team store is an online shop where teams, businesses, fans, and family can shop for apparel and/or Uniforms decorated with your logos.  By working with All U Sportswear, we host your store for you, as well as design any logos, manufacture all products, and handle all the shipping and distribution.

What does it cost to open a "Team store"?

Opening a store with All U Sportswear is FREE. You only pay for the items that you personally purchase.

Do I get a percentage of the sales?

You can use your store as a fundraiser or you can pass the initial savings on to your organization.

Do you only opersate stores for sports teams?

We run custom stores for schools, businesses, Greek life and many other clubs, it’s a great way to market your organization.

I need a logo for my team. Can you make one?

Yes, we will help you with any ideas you may have and we can also generate one for you.

Products & Design

How much does a logo design cost?

Logo and Mockup design is Free! Either way you will be working with us through out the process and have the ability to change anything before the store is built and displayed.

Can I use my own logo?

Yes using your own logo is the most popular way we design team stores for our customers.  The clearer the logo the quicker we can get a design to you.

What kinds of apparel or accessories can I put in my store?

We can design most any product for you, below is a list of the basics from a large list of brands.  If you have specific needs please let us know.

  • Game Uniforms
  • Cotton T-Shirt
  • Performance shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Shorts
  • Polo Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Quarterzip jackets
  • Hats
  • Beanies

How are the logos put on the apparel?

Logos are embellished on your apparel using some of the forms below.

  • Screen Printing
  • Dye-sublimation
  • Embroidery
  • Heat Press

Can the custom apparel be customized with names/numbers?

Yes, almost all items can be personalized.  We also have the ability to offer personalized items in your custom team store, let us know in advance and we will build the store that way.

What are the sizing options?

Different brands of products offer different sizes.  We work with you to find out about your customers and then can recommend between offering youth sizes or adult sizes.

Where can I find sizing charts?

Almost every brand features a sizing chart.  These are found on the All U sportswear page under the Resources Menu at the top of each page.  If your customers within your organization are having issues finding these they can call our dedicated customer service.


How long does it take for my team store order to arrive?

Orders typically ship within 3-4 weeks after your order is placed. If there are any items in your team store that require longer production time, it will be clearly noted.

How can I cancel or check on the status of my order?

You can check on the status of your order by calling Customer Service at (844) 487-2558.
To cancel your order, please also contact Customer Service at (844) 487-2558. 
** Please note, since these are custom products, orders cannot be cancelled once production has started on your order.


How much is shipping?

Unless your organization has set up ahead of time a (bulk pick up) at one of our locations or a (bulk distribution) where we ship products to one place, there will be a flat rate shipping for your orders.

What shipping options are available?

We typically ship using USPS or UPS to the shipping address enetered in your order.

Refunds & Returns

What is the return/refund policy?

All items are made to order. For that reason, items that have been decorated with a logo, name, or number are not eligible for a return or exchange unless it is determined that your order is not 100% free from defects in materials and/or decoration. 

To confirm if your order is eligible for a return or exchange, please contact All U Sportswear by calling (844) 487-2558.

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase along with a picture of any defects.